Most of the serious problems that you are going to have with diabetes is going to be atherosclerosis and cancer. If you can learn how to manage and control these two conditions you may be able to survive diabetes. Don't expect much help from conventional medicine because it is just not going to happen. People with type 2 diabetes are prone to metabolic acidosis, insulin resistance atherosclerosis and cancer. If you are 40, beware of low stomach acid. This could be the elephant in the room. You could suffer from this condition for years and not even have a clue. Now it's up to you to do your own research. If I were you, I would start right here. Click onLife Extension Health Concerns and you'll find the latest evidence-based protocols for managing 130 different health concerns - from cancer and cardiovascular disease to arthritis and neurological disorders.For a list of alternative and natural physicians in your area, contact the American College for Advancement in Medicine at (800)532-3688 or online at 468x60 Diabetic Meals Shop at Now Logo 468x60 HCG Diet Drops Sunfood Raw Organic Coconut - Live Superfoods FullCircle - Live the Good Food Life. Start Now! Dr. Whitaker Dr.Tabor*DrWhitaker**DrDavidWilliams*Dr. Amen *DrSinatra Blood Sugar Manager Cinnamon with Magnesium & Biotin Alpha Lipoic Acid Blood Sugar with Gymnema Fructose Overload. Diabetes is the biggest health epidemic triggered by the obesity epidemic, but all of our medical efforts to treat it are focused on medications and insulin. It is simply the wrong approach. If you follow these guidelines instead, you will see a dramatic change very quickly in your health, your weight, and your diabetes. SOUPS AND BROTHS*RAW SUPERFOODS *FERMENTED FOODS* The Budwig Diet for the Cure and Prevention of Cancer*Shop Up to 50% Off at Fresh Direct! 468x60 healthy weight less delivered Organic Produce Fresh From Our Farm to Your Doorstep! Save $15 off your First Box at!

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Pomegranate: What You Need to Know Pomegranate is now recognized as a powerful source of phytonutrients that can help prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease, avert cancer, and promote healthy skin. Pomegranate contains high levels of punicalagins, which are powerful antioxidants used to standardize the potency of pomegranate juice and extracts. Pomegranate increases the synthesis of nitric oxide, a key factor required for healthy endothelial function of the inner arteries. Pomegranate’s antioxidant effects protect nitric oxide from oxidative degradation. New human studies offer dramatic evidence that consuming pomegranate can help reduce coronary plaque buildup and thus reverse existing atherosclerosis. Pomegranate further benefits cardiovascular health by inhibiting LDL oxidation, reducing blood pressure, and quenching oxidative stress. Laboratory studies show that pomegranate slows the proliferation of prostate cancer cells and increases cancer cell death. In men treated for prostate cancer, pomegranate dramatically slows PSA doubling time, significantly delaying disease progression. Pomegranate may also help reduce the risk of colon, lung, and breast cancers. Topically applied pomegranate extract helps protect the skin from damaging ultraviolet radiation, reduces inflammation, speeds wound healing, and promotes healthy, youthful-looking skin. Pomegranate’s numerous health-promoting benefits can now be obtained in the form of highly concentrated liquid and powdered extracts. Endothelial Defense? with GliSODin�, 60 vegetarian capsules Pomegranate Fruit Extract, 30 vegetarian capsules Pomegranate Complete, 30 softgels