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Your body absorbs liquid vitamins better than its pill counterparts do. In fact, the body absorbs approximately 98 percent of the vitamins and minerals contained in liquid form. However, the body only absorbs anywhere from 3 to 20 percent of the vitamins in a vitamin pill. Moreover, liquid vitamins bypass digestive processing and go directly into the bloodstream within minutes

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Get Unlimited ultra fresh, delicious drinking water right at home for drinking, cooking; making coffee, tea & baby formula; serving guests, pets & plants; and providing beauty, dietary & health benefits.

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What does pH mean? - Water (H2O) ionizes into hydrogen (H+) and hydroxyl (OH-) ions, which when in equal proportion have a neutral pH value of 7.

If there are more H+ ions than OH- ions then the water is said to be acid.

If OH- ions outnumber the H+ ions then the water is alkaline.

The pH value represents a fluid’s acidity or alkalinity level - by indicating its concentration of hydrogen ions (H+). The most acid pH value is 1, and the most alkaline pH is 14.

For health, we need an appropriate balance between acids and bases in blood plasma and body tissues

Test Your Acid Levels

The pH scale measures how acidic or basic a substance is. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. A pH of 7 is neutral. A pH less than 7 is acidic. A pH greater than 7 is alkaline. People with type 2 diabetes and cancer have a pH 4.5 and 5.5 which shows that their bodies are acidic.

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A simple, effective and inexpensive way to help neutralize and remove waste from the body is to drink alkaline water.

pHion Balance Booster, Boost Your Water, Energy and Health!

pHion is the category leader when it pertains to pH balancing of the body.**pHion is the category leader when it pertains to pH balancing of the body.**pHion is the category leader when it pertains to pH balancing of the body.**pHion is the category leader when it pertains to pH balancing of the body.**pHion is the category leader when it pertains to pH balancing of the body.

Did you know with these vitamin and mineral supplements, you can lower the acidity of your body fluids and become healthy?

Discover How The Alkaline Diet Works & Why Alkaline Foods Are Highly Recommended Click Here!

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Why Detox?

In our daily lives we are exposed to and absorb toxins that are potentially harmful to our well-being and our feeling of “wellness”. Today our environment is toxic and the foods we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink is laden with chemicals foreign to our system. Our bodies naturally detoxify to maintain life and health. Every so often we can boost our wellness factor by using detoxification programs to help get rid of those chemicals that slow us down, to make us feel better and more alert. Poor diet, chronic stress, exposure to pollution and free radical damage can all have a detrimental effect on our bodies.

Heavy Metal Detox

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80% of all people with type 2 diabetes will die from cardiovascular disease and 36% will die from cancer. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you need to understand that the cancer diet is just as important as the cancer treatment.

Documented, Proven Diet for Cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other conditions

Budwig Diet Center - The Budwig Center provides training courses in the use of the Budwig Diet which helps to combat Cancer and other serious illnesses. You can download a free copy of our Budwig Diet Guide from our site which includes recipes.

We draws upon the extensive research and proven results of our team of doctors: Dr Sinatra, Dr Whitaker, Dr David Williams, Dr Lark, Dr Tabor, Dr. Group and at Life Extension

Need to know which supplements or hormones might be beneficial to your health? Life Extension has compiled information on wide array of common concerns, including atherosclerosis, diabetes, male and female hormone replacement therapy, prostate health, and many other areas of disease prevention and health maintenance. Browse the subject headings below, or scroll through the Health Concerns Quick Link to view the topic of your choice.Life Extension Health Concerns

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I think we can get almost complete control of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes by the proper use of (vitamin C and lysine) ... even cure it." - From Linus Pauling's Last Interview

Linus Pauling's specific therapy for cardiovascular and heart diseases are high dosages of two essential nutrients; vitamin C and the amino acid lysine.

Vitamin C is required to strengthen arteries so that the body does not try to patch arteries with "plaster casts" (atherosclerosis).

Lysine is an Lp(a) binding inhibitor, meaning at sufficient dosage it can reverse the plaster cast build-up (atherosclerotic plaques.) Lp(a) is the sticky form of LDL cholesterol that Pauling/Rath identified as the primary risk factor.

What is the Rath /Pauling Therapy?

This simple, inexpensive therapy utilizes vitamin C and two amino acids (taken orally) to ensure sufficient collagen production to strengthen ALL connective tissue - providing structure and support throughout the body, notably for:

Examples of Therapy Benefits

Cures heart disease caused by atherosclerosis – by strengthening and healing blood vessels, and by also removing atherosclerotic plaque, the therapy normalizes cholesterol and/or high blood pressure;

Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis - by rebuilding degenerated joint cartilage;

Improves Skin Tone and Elasticity – which especially depend on the presence of the proteins collagen and elastin in the skin’s dermis layer. Production of both collagen and elastin requires vitamin C, lysine and proline. Lysine also prevents collagen-digesting enzymes from destroying collagen.

The Therapy

Vitamin C, Lysine, Proline

Vitamin C Crystals*L-Lysine HCL Powder, *NOW Foods L-Proline 500 mg

Recommended ADULT DAILY Doses of Vitamin C, Lysine and Proline


3 g of vitamin c daily

3 g of lysine daily

0.5 g of proline daily

High risk Therapeutic

6 g of vitamin c daily

6 g of lysine daily

1.0 g of proline daily

Serious Therapeutic

9 g of vitamin c daily

9 g of lysine daily

1.5 g of proline daily

The form of vitamin C recommended by Dr. Linus Pauling is pure pharmaceutical grade ascorbic acid:

Not buffered - less is absorbed through the stomach wall

Not combined as a mineral complex (e.g. calcium ascorbate) - the high dosage levels of this therapy could result in an overdose of the complexed mineral.

Bowel Tolerance / Diarrhea - The onset of diarrhea indicates when the body's true requirement of ascorbate (vitamin C) has been reached. Ascorbate is absorbed into the blood stream before it reaches the colon. When your bloodstream is full, it will not absorb anymore and ascorbate reaching the colon causes diarrhea.

Vitamin C is Better Taken in Smaller Separated Doses - About 80-90% of ingested ascorbic acid is absorbed into the blood from the small intestines. The body uses it in ~2 hours, and it has usually gone from the blood in 3-4 hours.

Take Vitamin C Consistently – once you start taking more vitamin C than usual, it is important to take it consistently, and to not stop, even for a day. If you want to reduce your consumption of vitamin C, do so gradually over a period of several days. Consuming high doses of vitamin C causes the body to create large quantities of enzymes that utilize the vitamin C. If vitamin C consumption is stopped suddenly, then these enzymes will go to work on the small quantity of vitamin C remaining in the body, with possible scurvy resulting.

The form of vitamin C recommended by Dr. Linus Pauling is pure pharmaceutical grade ascorbic acid:

Powdered Ascorbic Acid, Lysine and Proline - most ECONOMICAL form

Add powders to a 6-8oz glass of water, juice or “Green Drink ” (a food-form vitamin/ mineral supplement, such as E.g. “Greena Colada”. Powders have a mild taste and actually improve the taste of a green drink.

Do not PRE-mix powders – since it causes the vitamin C to oxidize, turning the mixture pink.

How Long to Take Therapeutic Dose? - It is suggested that you take the therapeutic dose until you have confirmation that your health problem has been resolved - or you have some other reason for stopping.

What if you are Currently taking Statin or any other Drugs?

You, and only you, can decide how, when and if you should wean off any drugs you are taking - The information provided on this website is intended to enlighten you to information, which hopefully will help you take responsibility for your own health.

Pomegranate: What You Need to Know

Pomegranate Reverses Atherosclerosis and Slows the Progression of Prostate Cancer

Pomegranate is now recognized as a powerful source of phytonutrients that can help prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease, avert cancer, and promote healthy skin. Pomegranate contains high levels of punicalagins, which are powerful antioxidants used to standardize the potency of pomegranate juice and extracts. Pomegranate increases the synthesis of nitric oxide, a key factor required for healthy endothelial function of the inner arteries. Pomegranate’s antioxidant effects protect nitric oxide from oxidative degradation. New human studies offer dramatic evidence that consuming pomegranate can help reduce coronary plaque buildup and thus reverse existing atherosclerosis. Pomegranate further benefits cardiovascular health by inhibiting LDL oxidation, reducing blood pressure, and quenching oxidative stress. Laboratory studies show that pomegranate slows the proliferation of prostate cancer cells and increases cancer cell death. In men treated for prostate cancer, pomegranate dramatically slows PSA doubling time, significantly delaying disease progression. Pomegranate may also help reduce the risk of colon, lung, and breast cancers. Topically applied pomegranate extract helps protect the skin from damaging ultraviolet radiation, reduces inflammation, speeds wound healing, and promotes healthy, youthful-looking skin. Pomegranate’s numerous health-promoting benefits can now be obtained in the form of highly concentrated liquid and powdered extracts.

Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, 16 ozEndothelial Defense? with Full-Spectrum Pomegranate?, 60 softgelsPomegranate Extract Capsules, 30 vegetarian capsulesFull-Spectrum Pomegranate?, 30 softgels


The key to understanding cardiovascular disease in diabetics is to recognize the similarity in the molecular structure of vitamin C and sugar (glucose) molecules. This similarity can lead to metabolic confusion in the process to transporting glucose and vitamin C molecules through cellular membranes. With an abundance of glucose in the bloodstream, the transport of vitamin C molecules through cellular membranes of vascular cells becomes blocked resulting in vitamin C deficiency conditions inside these cells. For the cardiovascular system vitamin C deficiency has especially severe consequences as it leads to developing cardiovascular deposits not only in the arteries of the heart, but also in blood vessels in the legs, eyes and other organs in the body.

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